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Freely you have received; freely give.

Here you can download a free Bible as either pdf or Microsoft Word .docx format.  Mutiple versions and languages of free Bible are offered here, including links to mp3 audio Bibles plus one free e-Sword module.

PDF Section to download a Free Bible for Bible study:

These documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format), readable by most all platforms- Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Besides cross-platform compatibility, another advantage to these is that you don’t have to download and install any fonts. To read these, you probably already have Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download these files, right-click the links, and then choose “save as” or “save link as.”  These are all free to download, and print, and hand out.

Free King James Bible, pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format, 2 1/2 MB.

Free English Bible, David Palmer translation, pdf (Adobe Acrobat Reader) format, 8 MB. (This one is in more modern English.)  Updated 2016-06-04

Download the Four Gospels written into one – Palmer’s Diatessaron, PDF format; 1.5 MB.

Download the David Robert Palmer gospels in e-Sword.

Free Spanish Reina Valera

Free German-Luther

Free Bible-Albanian

Free Portuguese Bible

Free Italiano Bible

Free Arabic Childrens Bible

This is an audio-visual Powerpoint document, zipped.

Word for Windows Section for downloading a free Bible for Bible study:

Free Bible David Palmer translation, Microsoft Word 2007 for Windows, .docx format, 3 MB. Updated 2016-06-04. If you do not have Microsoft Word, several free office substitutes are available for free download, such as Free Office for Windows, Linux, and Android.

(NOTE: for the Word .docx documents, Word 2007 or higher will display them correctly, and also WordPad, might open them. Except WordPad might not display the footnotes. You can download for free the Free Office suite software free by clicking here.)

The Microsoft Word .docx files are “ready to print” in format; i.e., they are double-columned, and even and odd guttered for double-sided photo-copying and velo-binding or spiral binding. If you find them too small to read on screen, make sure Word is not in “Page View” mode. If after that they are still too small, you can make adjustments to your word processor, like zooming them larger. If you have Windows XP or higher, I highly recommend you turn on ClearType. Microsoft’s instructions for that are here. Or better yet, download the ClearType PowerToy utility.

Free Bible online, mp3 audio downloads

You can download a free Bible in mp3 audio format in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Urdu, Polish, French, Punjabi, Tamil, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi here.

Another free Bible online, The New Testament in audio, in Arabic.

Gospel of John in Farsi, free Bible portion in audio, here.

Free Bible, audio Bible online, in German.

Free Bible resources in the Hungarian language.

Free Bible online in audio, in Italian.

Free Bible resources online in the Vietnamese language.

Free Bible instruction about Jesus in Film / Cinema:

The Jesus Film Project in many languages.

Read the Bibles you download, on a Kindle.

Have you ever noticed, that while engaged in your Bible study, when you consult many commentaries, that they all seem to have some of the same answers, or seem afraid to break the mold? They don’t even comment on so many of the Bible verses you want to study. This new Bible translation has footnotes that are unique, and original thinking. For example, in many Bible verses, especially in the Gospel of Luke, there are verbs that are “continuous aspect.” These Bible verses make no sense unless you understand them that way. I translate those Bible verses as continuous in English, and have footnotes and end notes explaining why. This is an example of what I mean when I say these documents will make a unique Bible study for you. Download new Bible translations by David Palmer.

free Bible

My friend Adolf Bowens helping bring a free Bible to a tribe in Papua New Guinea

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Download a new Bible translation, good for Bible study, having 1,170 footnotes on many Bible verses.

I hope I have blessed you, and helped you find a free Bible for your Bible study.

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